Cardio Kick Boxing

Cardio Kick Boxing

Sweat Zone Fitness (SZF), is a Mumbai Martial Arts School specializing in the Art of Self Defence. Self Defence training at Sweat Zone Fitness is not just training to defend oneself from attackers, but it is a comprehensive Mind, Body, and Spirit self-defense system, with each component being complementary to the other. At Sweat Zone Fitness, the student is not just reliant on one particular martial art to defend oneself, but the objective is to develop a student to be a martial artist who has the ability to free flow and think out of the box. The students are taught to defend themselves through several Martial Arts, develop physical fitness, mental focus, discipline, condition the body and most importantly, the conversion of "Qi" energy into an all round energy through meditation and relaxation.

Students of Sweat Zone Fitness learn the basics of Martial Arts training, with a focus on building a strong foundation. Once the student has developed a strong foundation, he/she is moved on to body conditioning, weapons training, sparring, weight training, physical fitness programs etc. The purpose of training at Sweat Zone Fitness is to develop a student into an efficient and effective overall martial artist. Our Teacher, Sifu Rajvir has dedicated his life to learning various Martial Arts, like Wing Chun, Karate, Hap Ki Do, Weapons Training, (Eskrima/Arnis), Qi-Gong (Energy generation, energy conservation, and energy utilization), Iron Palm Training, Dim Mak, Weight Training etc and is presently conducting classes of self-defense in Goa. The student at Sweat Zone Fitness, can, therefore, gain from a vast array of knowledge to enhance his/her life and progress in an all-round manner.

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